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Why Subject Matter Experts?

WiseThat subject matter experts (SME) enrich Higher Education learning with their practical knowledge and demonstrate expertise in functions, procedures, technology, methodologies, and best practices
derived from real-world experience. While the breadth and depth of their knowledge may differ between academic institutions and industries, their unique insights serve as invaluable asset in learning.
WiseThat SMEs span across diverse disciplines and sectors, offering students exposure to industry-specific challenges and solutions - equipping them with the skills  essential for their future careers.

Authentic Learning Experiences

When it seems impossible to find valid
case studies and marketplace
information to support your text, an SME
will save the day. Subject Matter Experts
work directly with your learners, to ensure
curriculum is applied and knowledge is
transferred in a meaningful way.

Practitioners = Natural Educators

Subject Matter Experts offer highly
specialized knowledge in a specific area
of study. A typical SME develops
expertise over a long period of time,
through practice and immersion within an
area of focus. We vet our SMEs to ensure
they maintain current and complete
knowledge of a particular area of expertise.

100% Streamlined Knowledge

WiseThat SMEs are fully versed in current
industry methodology and tools that aid
students to learn industry challenges
more rapidly. SMEs function as
classroom consultants to your students
in order to effect positive change and
career readiness.


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