Mini Sims & Video Quizzes

Simulated learning exercises built to track student performance and increase engagement with self-paced scenario-based learning activities.

WiseThat designs mini simulations and video quizzes for online learning platforms to engage students on a higher level.

Mini sims put students in real business scenarios and presents them with multiple courses of action to stimulate critical thinking.

Video quizzes ask multiple choice questions to shift students from a viewer to a participant and analyze their comprehension of course material.

This type of learning technology drives students to interact with the educational content and creates an immersive learning environment.

Check out WiseThat’s most recent mini sims and video quizzes below to get a better understanding of this educational technology.

Recent Work

Ready to integrate mini sims and video quizzes
into your eLearning platforms?

“The research results show that the question-embedded video-based environment tool promotes student learning, improves the amount of interaction of the student as well as time spent with the learning materials.”

The Impact of a Question-Embedded Video-Based
Learning Tool on E-Learning

The Value of Mini Sims and Video Quizzes in Education

Analyze Student Performance

The built-in video analytics examine student participation and comprehension of course material.

This allows educators to identify areas for improvement and make suggestions to students on how to boost their performance.

These digital integrations can bolster student accountability and lead to better learning outcomes for all students.

Mini Sims Develop Critical Thinking Skills

Keep learners engaged and promote career readiness with challenging mini sims. These interactive learning environments put students in natural business settings and give them various scenarios to navigate.

Students employ critical thinking skills as they work through the mini-sim scenarios.

After completion, students can review their decisions and understand how their choices impacted the end result.

Video Quizzes Promote Active Learning

Creating an interactive learning experience is essential for eLearning platforms and online education programs.

You can add interactivity to all your educational content with WiseThat’s video quizzes.

The integration of multiple-choice questions allows students to engage in active learning instead of passively watching videos.

Give your students an immersive learning experience
with WiseThat’s mini sims and video quizzes.


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