Learning Simulations That Work

Experiential learning and scenario-based exercises that put students in the action and promote career-readiness.

WiseThat learning simulations are custom developed for eLearning platforms and online education programs.

Learning simulations place students in scenarios where they must actively participate in real-world business challenges and solve specific problems.

Simulation-based learning allows students to evaluate common workplace challenges quickly, decide on the best course of action and perform the correct procedural steps.

Educators can then assess whether the students understand the material and are translating their learned knowledge into practical real world skills.

Recent Work

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“Simulation is a specially designed model that looks like a live environment in which learners can experience different real-life situations. This is an effort to improve the alignment of coursework and field experiences”

Hurix, 2021

The Value in Simulation-Based Learning

Transform Knowledge Into Practical Experience

Learning simulations allow students to practice theory-based concepts in real-world, industry-specific scenarios.

Students can read about performing job functions and tasks, but pairing them with simulation-based techniques will give them a more accurate sense of the industry.

Practicing mock or real scenarios in a dedicated virtual environment helps students learn to make appropriate decisions at various points within the situation.

Measurable Data on Student Success

Another key benefit of simulation-based learning is gathering measurable data on students’ success. In simulation-based learning, the instructor or subject matter expert (SME) will define the parameters of a specific scenario.

Based on these parameters, educators can quickly gather data on students’ progress. These parameters link to a custom rubric and series of intended learning objectives for the class.

Promotes Career-Readiness

Finally, the most important benefit of simulation-based learning is preparing students for the real world.

Through simulation-based learning, students' interactive experience teaches, expands, and reinforces problem-solving skills for future challenges.

This increased retention of knowledge allows students to enter their industry with confidence, make an immediate impact and ultimately excel in their careers.

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