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Make your learning content dynamic and multi-
dimensional with engaging animated videos
and simulated learning series.

Our animated videos and learning simulations are made specifically for eLearning platforms and online education programs, and create fun, interactive learning environments for virtually any subject.

Combining animations with educational content engages students in experiential learning and stimulates their imagination.

Using visuals to represent key concepts from textbooks and modules shows students key learning processes in action and creates helpful comparisons which improves student comprehension of course material.

If you think your learners can benefit from animated videos, please check out a few of our most recent productions below.

Recent Work

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“According to V.M. Williamson and M.R. Abraham, animation helps students learn in two ways. It facilitates the creation of mental representations of concepts, phenomena, and processes and it also replaces difficult cognitive processes (e.g. abstraction, imagination).”

Source: Handbook of Research on Immersive
Digital Games in Educational Environments (2019)

The Value of Animation in Education

Accelerates Learning Process

According to a 2019 study published in Frontiers of Behavioral Neuroscience, 65% of all people are visual learners. That’s why animated videos are such a powerful teaching tool.

For example, an educator can use an engaging animation to follow up a chapter of text-based reading material.

The speed and repetition of information delivery give educators a fast and effective strategy to accelerate learning.

Improves Student Performance

Creating an enjoyable learning experience with animated videos motivates students to perform better in class.

This improved performance increases student productivity, encourages participation and deepens class discussions.

With a proficient understanding of their field of study, students can enter the marketplace with more quality opportunities available.

Highly Effective for Perceptual Learning

When certain subjects require the senses for interpretation or the need to understand kinematic models, animated videos are highly effective.

An example of perceptual learning would be teaching a student to differentiate between two musical tones, or using kinematic models, animations can show how factory automation operates.

Utilizing animated videos for perceptual learning help students construct accurate visual representations better than static images or text-based descriptions.

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