Educational Promo Videos

Give students a sneak peak into eLearning content with educational promotional videos and trailers.

WiseThat’s promotional videos allow prospective universities, professors and students to learn more about your textbook, its authors and how eLearning platforms support course material with applied curriculum.

Communicating the benefits of eLearning textbooks gives your potential customer a deeper understanding of course content and how it can teach their students the skills they need for career success.

With the use of dynamic video, quick paced storytelling and image support, educators will get a firsthand look into some of the core concepts students will learn by adopting your textbook and courseware.

Learn more about WiseThat’s promotional videos by watching some of our most recent productions.

Recent Work

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“94% of marketers agree that promotional videos have helped increase academic user understanding of their product or service.”

HubSpot (2022)

The Value of Promotional Videos for Educational Textbooks

Makes an Emotional Connection to Course Material

Using a book trailer to present eLearning textbooks can stimulate emotion and motivate prospective students to take action.

The uplifting music in the promotional video creates an inviting persona around the online course.

Screen captures of learning management systems (LMS) make promotional videos interactive and personal.

Prospective students get a firsthand experience of how the online course looks and feels.

Gives Online Learning Programs Credibility

Presenting prospective students with an inside look at online course content gives eLearning platforms credibility.

Showing students the online learning process in action and the delivery method of educational content makes the course feel more authentic.

After watching a promotional video, prospective students can feel more confident in the online learning program and enroll without hesitation.

Communicate Learning Objectives of Educational Content

Promotional videos give students a brief overview of the entire textbook and communicate learning objectives.

Providing this information upfront shows prospective students how course content is relevant to their field of study.

This knowledge helps prospective students understand the importance of specific courses and aids them in course selection.

Promotional videos improve prospective students' educational experience and guide them toward the skills needed to excel in their careers.

Give your students the knowledge they need to make an educated decision with WiseThat’s
promotional videos.


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