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Put the power of learning in the hands of industry experts, professors and students with educational podcast series.

Our podcasts are a dynamic teaching tool for online education platforms, hybrid learning environments or the traditional classroom.

Educational podcast development has grown exponentially in recent years and is a proven form of educational content that students can access on their mobile devices and listen to at any time from anywhere.

Our subject matter experts (SMEs) take students on an intricate journey into different industry topics and class subjects through long-form podcasts.

WiseThat also helps eLearning platforms record instructor lectures in 15-20 minute podcasts to divide up material for course modules.

Listen to some of our most recent podcasts below to see how beneficial they can be for your students.

Recent Work

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“Course-integrated podcasts have been shown to have benefits to equity and inclusion, student collaboration, student motivation, and content retention.”

Widodo & Gunawan, 2019

The Value of Podcasts in Education

Listen to On-demand

Providing convenient access to course material gives students a powerful resource for reviewing information, bridging knowledge gaps and pausing to take notes.

Multiple studies have found podcasts to engage students better than written course materials.

Integrating podcasts into your eLearning platforms, online education programs or the classroom gives students numerous opportunities to engage with course material and improve learning outcomes.

Long-form Podcasts Provide In-depth Analysis

Students’ ability to listen to podcasts while doing other activities gives educators the opportunity for an in-depth analysis of the subject matter.

SMEs can unpack complex topics in one cost-effective recording session and give students a thorough explanation for improved comprehension.

Although “chunking” course material works best for learning outcomes, students have control over long-form podcasts and can learn at their own pace.

Encourages Autonomous Learning Through Constructivism

Autonomous learning can be a highly valuable skill, not just in a student’s career but in life.

According to Stephanie Maher Palenque from Grand Canyon University, “integrating podcasts into education complements a Constructivist approach.”

Students learn through active discovery while listening to podcasts. When a student realizes that they’re effectively teaching themselves in a Constructivist manner, it creates a meaningful moment of autonomous learning they’ll never forget.

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