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Humanize eLearning reading material with author video interviews and instructor Q&A's

Our eLearning videos of author interviews are developed to add extra dynamic to your course literature directly from the subject matter source.

Delivered directly from the subject matter source, author videos provide a type of educational content that stimulates class discussions and promotes an interactive learning environment for literary analysis.

In this format, students oftentimes will share their questions and perspectives and receive thoughtful video based replies from the textbook author pool.

This category of video is also where authors share their personal experiences in writing the textbook allowing students to form more meaningful connections with the content and reading material.

Author videos provide a powerful learning experience that makes a lasting impact on students.

Recent Work

Build relationships between students and authors with WiseThat’s video interviews.

“Either way, students gain tremendously from connecting with the people behind wonderful books they read.”

Education Week (2018)

The Value of Author Interviews in Education

Inside Look at the Writing Process

During the video interviews, authors reveal their writing process to show students how they take a disorganized first draft and turn it into a finished book.

Students realize that conducting research, incorporating feedback, revising drafts and adhering to deadlines are success skills in any profession.

These revelations can take the pressure off students, help them become more comfortable with the writing process and inspire confidence in their abilities

Encourages Reluctant Readers to Read

Students may feel discouraged from reading when they feel like they have to find the exact right answer from abstract literature.

Our author interviews can help students understand that reading is an interpretive process with no right or wrong answers. It’s about extracting meaning from the text.

This realization can be an empowering experience for students resulting in more interest in the course material and reading overall.

Promotes Open-mindedness & Empathy

Teaching students how to remain open-minded helps them embrace change.

These video interviews allow authors to voice their points of view and enable students to form their own opinions.

After watching the video interview, students can exchange ideas during class discussions or online forums.

The exposure to multiple perspectives shows students how differently people can interpret the same idea.

Through these activities, students learn empathy, an essential skill for social interactions in the business world.

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