Influencer Roundtables & Industry Trends

Giving learners the opportunity to engage and
interact with today's top young professionals

WiseThat’s influencer roundtables are virtual panel discussions with top industry professionals from different backgrounds and at various levels of their career.

Typically, our moderators will guide the roundtable discussions to ensure the entire panel gets a chance to express their ideas. This fun and unique learning format exposes students to a diverse set of perspectives on a given topic.

The panel discussion topics are made to center around industry innovations, effective strategies, best practices, personal stories, advice and industry trends.

Their panel’s level of combined expertise delivers a wealth of knowledge students can use in their career.

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“When participants are knowledgeable and engaging, the panel discussion is an effective way to expose an audience to complex subject matter.”

The Value of Influencer Roundtables in Education

Interactive, Conversational and Develops Active Listening Skills

The conversational tone of influencer roundtables engages students on multiple levels to encourage experiential learning for online education programs.

Students feel like they’re a part of the panel discussion creating an interactive learning experience.

The give-and-take nature of the conversations between influencers helps students develop active listening skills.

These advanced engagement opportunities can be a great way to build language skills for international students or increase listening comprehension for U.S. students.

Give Students Multiple Perspectives

Our influencer roundtables form a collective of the top minds in an industry.

Students gain valuable insights during the panel discussions through a synergy of differing ideas.

The abundance of expertise and knowledge expands students' understanding of their field of study.

Teaches How to Exchange Ideas

This epic display of knowledge sets the standard for how students should exchange ideas with their peers.

Students learn how top performers, subject matter experts, and influencers remain open to learning to form new conclusions throughout the virtual panel discussion.

Learning how to bridge the gap between ideas through dialogue teaches students valuable collaboration skills for the work environment.

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