Educational Explainer Videos

Highlight key concepts for learners with structured
storytelling and fun, visual lessons.

Our explainer videos deliver information to students in a clear, concise and conversational manner through eye-catching animation, or instructional video production.

We use a structured storytelling approach that identifies a problem and explains how to solve it.

Since our brains use storytelling to make sense of the world, explainer videos are great for engaging students, holding their attention and creating a memorable learning experience.

Take a look at our most recent explainers to see how they can leave your students with a clear understanding of your course material.

Recent Work

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“Explainers are meant to be compact and filled with bite-sized information for viewers. The data says the average audience retention rate of a 1-minute explainer video (or less) is 77%.”

BreadnBeyond Case Study (2021)

The Value of Explainer Videos in Education

Break up Broad Subjects

Overloading the human brain with too much information can decrease retention rates of course material.

Breaking up broad topics into a series of 1-3 minute explainer videos allows students to absorb the material in smaller increments. This learning strategy is called “chunking.

Delivering smaller bits of information with high frequency makes it easier for students to combine them into a memorable whole.

Ideal for Process-oriented Topics

Many fields of study have complicated processes or systems, especially in the STEM subjects.

WiseThat’s explainer videos simplify these topics with a structured, easy-to-follow visual story.

This approach helps students create a linear mind map of the step-by-step process needed to achieve the desired result.

Multi-sensory for Experiential Learning

Our explainer videos combine engaging visuals, high-quality audio and fun-filled storylines to give students an immersive experience.

Activating multiple senses and emotions stimulates brain activity and increases a student’s focus to maximize experiential learning.

Introducing explainers into your classrooms, eLearning platforms or online education programs gives educators a powerful teaching tool

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