Virtual Company Field Trips

We go behind the scenes with the top companies and business leaders in the US and Canada.

WiseThis creates authentic virtual field trips to give students an inside look at a company they may never get to visit.

Owners and employees guide students on a behind-the-scenes journey through company branches, headquarters and research facilities giving them an unprecedented view of teams and unique business models in action.

These interactive videos make the world more accessible for eLearning platforms, online education programs and students in the classroom.

Field trip videos combine authentic storytelling and dynamic video content designed to support your curriculum and give the modern, tech-savvy student a virtual experience they’ll never forget.

Take a virtual visit to a company by checking out a few of our recent field trips below.

Recent Work

Ready to put the world at your students’ fingertips?

“Virtual field trips are not limited by distance and are typically more cost-effective than traditional in-person field trips. They eliminate the need for transportation and decrease lost instruction time…”

EBSCO (2021)

The Value of Virtual Company Field Trips in Education

Making the National Marketplace Accessible

Students can use any device to watch the company field trip from anywhere in the world with a shareable link or portal log-in.

This video format brings students face-to-face with their industry’s environment and enables them to experience it in real-time.

Students can watch the virtual field trip an unlimited number of times. The ability to reference back to the experience gives students a valuable resource for studying purposes.

Aligned With Your Curriculum

We design this type of educational video content to support your curriculum.

You can add additional resources like reading material, interactive maps, quizzes or other engaging activities to improve learning outcomes.

This dynamic approach creates a meaningful educational experience to give students enduring knowledge of covered concepts.

Cost-effective and Saves Time

Online learning platforms can use virtual company field trips as a cost-effective way to visit a specific location.

The time-saving benefit gives educators and students the chance to cover more material in-depth.

Company field trips provide educators with an efficient, reusable and immersive teaching tool to add more value to a student’s education.

Give your students an in-depth look at their future and let's get started on your virtual field trip.


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